Online Applications for 2017-18

The application process for admissions to HOLY CROSS CHURCH PRE-PRIMARY school is now closed. No applications will be accepted.

Document review meeting has been scheduled on 18th and 19th of April as per the schedule list attached below. parents notified of the same via SMS. Both parents and applicant must be present for the meeting. Kindly bring original application form duly signed by both parents, original documents for verification and photocopies for submission to the school. The photocopies have to be self-attested.

Please note that the mobile number used to Register will be used for all communication, status updates etc. in regard to your application for admission. You will need scanned copies (jpeg or pdf files only) of the following documents in order to complete the application form.


  • Coloured Passport size photo of the child (45mm x 35 MM)
  • Family photo max width 10 cm

Documents for Parents

  • Proof of Residence: Ration card of family (with names of parents and child)/Telephone bill/Electricity Bill/Passport
  • Aadhar card of father and mother
  • Proof of ID: Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card

Certificates & Reports

  • Municipal Birth Certificate of the child
  • Baptism certificate of the child – in case of Christians only
  • Caste Certificate (in the Child’s name) – optional
  • Medical Certificate – compulsory in case of disability
Admission to Date of Birth From Date of Birth Till
Jr. KG 1 Dec. 2012 30 Sept. 2013

Selection Process

All communication will be done via SMS. Please do not disturb the school authorities during the admissions process

Form No Date Time
HCROSS-2017-2018-1031550-Jr KG-0927 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036527-Jr KG-0449 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1034309-Jr KG-0154 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1041439-Jr KG-0950 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036816-Jr KG-0800 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1026547-Jr KG-0666 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1043153-Jr KG-0991 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1035962-Jr KG-0765 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1024265-Jr KG-0033 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036350-Jr KG-0131 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036589-Jr KG-0264 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036375-Jr KG-0200 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036310-Jr KG-0158 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1043144-Jr KG-0978 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1035667-Jr KG-0293 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1028312-Jr KG-0365 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037341-Jr KG-0551 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1039575-Jr KG-0870 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036967-Jr KG-0459 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036300-Jr KG-0699 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1040588-Jr KG-0750 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1021498-Jr KG-0253 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036645-Jr KG-0305 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036600-Jr KG-0574 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1035729-Jr KG-0662 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1034795-Jr KG-0554 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036494-Jr KG-0377 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1035140-Jr KG-0733 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1041524-Jr KG-0828 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1014102-Jr KG-0528 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036280-Jr KG-0067 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1042336-Jr KG-0906 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036331-Jr KG-0581 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036644-Jr KG-0730 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036385-Jr KG-0312 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1040545-Jr KG-0744 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1021861-Jr KG-0213 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1004005-Jr KG-0196 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1042296-Jr KG-0887 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037166-Jr KG-0880 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036396-Jr KG-0128 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036556-Jr KG-0250 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1041386-Jr KG-0809 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036552-Jr KG-0345 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036341-Jr KG-0099 18-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1042851-Jr KG-0943 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1031736-Jr KG-0421 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036355-Jr KG-0165 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036815-Jr KG-0387 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037211-Jr KG-0518 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1038484-Jr KG-0628 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036386-Jr KG-0173 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037313-Jr KG-0539 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037108-Jr KG-0478 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1024657-Jr KG-0900 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1042830-Jr KG-0938 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036428-Jr KG-0185 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036274-Jr KG-0068 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1039291-Jr KG-0670 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1039367-Jr KG-0687 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037317-Jr KG-0540 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036620-Jr KG-0285 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1031949-Jr KG-0137 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1012788-Jr KG-0201 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037056-Jr KG-0794 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036919-Jr KG-0418 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036411-Jr KG-0139 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1015950-Jr KG-0130 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1000376-Jr KG-0546 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036798-Jr KG-0378 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036810-Jr KG-0380 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1043095-Jr KG-0967 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037243-Jr KG-0524 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036105-Jr KG-0027 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036709-Jr KG-0337 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1042980-Jr KG-0962 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1034214-Jr KG-0094 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1040875-Jr KG-0773 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1012041-Jr KG-0299 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036775-Jr KG-0363 18-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1038218-Jr KG-0600 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037210-Jr KG-0516 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1034851-Jr KG-0157 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1039502-Jr KG-0696 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1042848-Jr KG-0963 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036511-Jr KG-0619 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036596-Jr KG-0429 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1025044-Jr KG-0401 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1022814-Jr KG-0052 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1042204-Jr KG-0883 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1035181-Jr KG-0072 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1007192-Jr KG-0041 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1029169-Jr KG-0487 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1041421-Jr KG-0812 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037239-Jr KG-0522 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1027203-Jr KG-0263 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1034340-Jr KG-0155 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1040974-Jr KG-0781 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1031667-Jr KG-0115 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036330-Jr KG-0399 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036267-Jr KG-0070 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036755-Jr KG-0356 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1026370-Jr KG-0025 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1032683-Jr KG-0019 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1009300-Jr KG-0153 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1040812-Jr KG-0767 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1029478-Jr KG-0011 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1032822-Jr KG-0851 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1041030-Jr KG-0787 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1033755-Jr KG-0732 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036342-Jr KG-0170 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037456-Jr KG-0573 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1010817-Jr KG-0841 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036366-Jr KG-0107 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1034327-Jr KG-0004 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037839-Jr KG-0607 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1012418-Jr KG-0167 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1040511-Jr KG-0788 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036845-Jr KG-0645 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1006197-Jr KG-0022 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037183-Jr KG-0635 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036893-Jr KG-0764 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1041634-Jr KG-0911 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1043105-Jr KG-0971 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1021627-Jr KG-0215 19-Apr-2017 9:00 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036573-Jr KG-0261 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1031283-Jr KG-0882 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1010570-Jr KG-0840 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036298-Jr KG-0182 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1037167-Jr KG-0580 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1020645-Jr KG-0709 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1040093-Jr KG-0718 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1009757-Jr KG-0430 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036446-Jr KG-0168 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1041494-Jr KG-0884 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1016422-Jr KG-0020 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1039025-Jr KG-0654 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1008742-Jr KG-0051 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036636-Jr KG-0437 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1040894-Jr KG-0776 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1011815-Jr KG-0934 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036363-Jr KG-0336 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1022692-Jr KG-0974 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036543-Jr KG-0245 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1034808-Jr KG-0049 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036751-Jr KG-0636 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036315-Jr KG-0296 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1035936-Jr KG-0474 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1032436-Jr KG-0813 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1041605-Jr KG-0898 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036306-Jr KG-0077 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1019654-Jr KG-0746 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1007104-Jr KG-0291 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1036743-Jr KG-0367 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM
HCROSS-2017-2018-1008013-Jr KG-0489 19-Apr-2017 10:30 AM